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Gerald LydaGideon Paloris Lyda

Gerald D. Lyda at La Escalera Ranch - Fort Stockton, Texas

As President, Gerald D. Lyda ("Dee") managed the Lyda Family construction businesses. Until 2003 when the Lyda family sold its construction interests to a California-based contractor, the Lyda name was synonymous with high quality and innovative construction. During this period, he was responsible for institutional, sports, military and commercial building projects throughout Texas. Today, Dee Lyda serves as President of La Escalera Limited Partnership and manages the San Antonio Business Office.

Gene Lyda has managed Lyda Family ranches in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. He knows every horse on the ranch and how to get things done efficiently with the least amount of stress on cattle and men. He’s an accomplished lariat man too. He demands good horses and dedicated cowboys. The best of his breed, Gene Lyda is with his men until the last animal is worked. Today, he serves as Division Manager of the Fort Stockton Division and manages all La Escalera cattle operations. Gene is also a member of the Board of Directors of La Escalera Limited Partnership.

Gene Lyda at La Escalera Ranch - Fort Stockton, Texas

Jo Granberg at La Escalera Ranch - Seymour, Texas

Jo Granberg is a member of the La Escalera Board of Directors and the Office Manager of the Seymour Division. She and husband K. G. Granberg managed the Lyda Family-owned X-Bar Ranch in Holdenville, Oklahoma before relocating to another Lyda family-owned ranch in Seymour. Always conscientious and involved in all aspects of Seymour operations, she is dedicated to passing the reins to a third generation of Lyda family members.

K. G. Granberg is the Division Manager for the Seymour Division of La Escalera Ranch. Prior to relocating to Baylor County, he and his wife, Jo, played pivotal roles in the Lyda Family’s cattle operations in Southeastern Oklahoma and South Texas. He currently manages the farming, grazing and feedlot operations for the Seymour Division. As a result of his dedicated oversight, new and improved water systems have been installed throughout the Seymour ranch — providing water to areas that have never been serviced before. Additionally, the ranch’s cattle grazing capacity has been improved through extensive cross fencing and an aggressive brush management program.

K.G. Granberg at La Escalera Ranch - Seymour, Texas

Shay Lyda at La Escalera Ranch - Fort Stockton, Texas

Shay Lyda, along with her husband Gene Lyda, has been a part of two massive Lyda ranch operations — one in Texas and one in New Mexico. She was in the saddle with Gene every day from dawn to dusk on the Ladder Ranch in southeastern New Mexico. When the family traded that property, she helped gather 5,000 head of wild cattle for transport to the newly-acquired property — La Escalera Ranch south of Fort Stockton, Texas. She is truly a working cowgirl who has a role with nearly all roundups. When not in the saddle, she is the Office Manager of the Fort Stockton Division.

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