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The ranching business remains a vital component of contemporary La Escalera Ranch operations and is a living link to the legendary ranching legacy of Lyda family patriarch Gerald Lyda. From state-of-the-art scientific breeding programs to top-flight feedlot operations, La Escalera Ranch is a vertically integrated cattle enterprise that continues to thrive as a vanguard of the cattle business on the 260,000 acres of its sprawling West and North Texas ranches.

La Escalera Ranch works diligently year-round to maintain our outstanding herds, especially in the Fall. During this time every cow on the ranch is evaluated by our ranch veterinarian to ensure health, calving dates, and quality care. These intensive procedures are what sets La Escalera Ranch apart to produce repeat buyers year after year.

Once the cattle are evaluated they are grouped in pastures according to age and calving dates, thus saving time, winter feed, fatigue of bulls and labor. Additionally, when cattle are grouped in this fashion, a prospective buyer can rest assured that these cows will calve within a specified time frame and they are purchasing a superior product.

An unceasing desire to work smarter and minimize stress on cattle, horses and men continues to inspire the people in La Escalera Ranch's cattle operations to achieve higher degrees of efficiency and excellence, and better respond to the demands of an ever-changing beef cattle market. The Fort Stockton Division with its vast ranges in three counties, coupled with the plush North Texas grasslands of the Seymour Division serve as proving grounds for La Escalera Ranch's innovative cattle program.



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